JonquieresSaintVincent Aranas: But her remarks appeared to only briefly alleviate deepening unease over the European debt crisis.

Sometimes I think of my life as a book or a movie. My friends and family are character sketches that make up the story of my life. Sometimes it is a romance, suspense, mystery, or even philosophical. But it is almost always a comedy of sorts. Life can be way to serious at times, and I like to see the humor in it. I have some crazy family members, friends who are smart professionals, friends who have showings in art galleries, and coworkers that think specific is pronounced pacific like the ocean. I love all of these characters. But my protagonist is missing a significant other. This winter there is going to be a lull in the plot line without one. That would be unfortunate because there is way to much to add to this story. I would love to find someone that likes to take in everything he canfrom PBS to bad action movies PBR to a great Chianti the local burrito place at 2 am or a delicious tapas bar Bears games or Second City. I can a appreciate almost any type of music, food, and people. I love to travel and don't mind that I am the person walking around Istanbul with a map mispronouncing street names. I want someone to go to the zoo around Christmas and see the ice sculptures. Or someone to go sledding with. I like local bars over clubs, but I'm willing to go. It would be great to meet someone that I could introduce to my family and he would be honored to meet them, but able to listen to me complain about them after a long holiday. Someone who doesn't mind that I sleep in when I can, but would get me out of bed to see a new Spanish modern art exhibit. So, is your plot line missing a character? Do you have anything to add to the list of things we should do this winter? Let me know.

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