Zhezkent Chadsey: She didn't want her son Daniel to experiment with his friends.

Ok... I know I should probably post this in the rants and raves section and I have before but I'm going to post it here so more people will read it. What is a BBW? It's supposed to be big beautiful woman. Right? Are there any REAL BBW out there? And by that I mean, are there real women who are big and beautiful, and not fat slobs?? I've been burned before. I met this woman who said she was a BBW. There was nothing beautiful about her. She was missing teeth and had very poorly fit clothes on that exposed wayyyyy too much. I was repulsed. She was disgusting. I made her leave. The second girl was this girl who sent me some pics and she had a cute face. She told me she was a BBW. I didn't have a problem with that. But she wasn't a BBW. She was gigantic. Easily 350 pounds. She had a horrible proportion and fat in very odd places. Your probably wondering the point to this... Here it is. I am a BBW and yes I like women also... duh. I'm 26 years old and I'm a size 20. I'm NOT fat. I'm big. I work out 35 times a week or more and I follow a healthy diet. I am not a fat slob. There is a difference. I take pride in my appearance and do my hair and makeup. I wear proper fitting, trendy clothes that hug my shape and show off the bountiful breasts I have jeans that hug my hips and butt and accentuate them. So... the summation to my rant is this Women Do not put you are a BBW when in fact, you are just a fat slob. Men I know why you're scared of BBW... it's because of the things I mentioned. I can totally understand that. But me... I'm an actual beautiful woman that is just big.

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