Hamilton Randa: You may have sold out for your self serving political goals.

I think we all should learn a little bit more from little kids. Children show all their cards, don't have ill intentions, have sincere smiles, and will give you half of their pbj. Children still have that sparkle in their eyes, have that pep in their step, and dream big. A perfect day for them would be getting new shoes, going to the zoo, and getting ice cream...has a lot of parallels with my own definition of a perfect day. It's the simple things that mean the most. Seems like adults have a lot to learn and it seems that you don't meet many adults who have many of these qualities anymore, sad. Yes, I can have deep conversation, but sometimes I like to enjoy my company when they are in their element doing something they love, talking about their interests, letting their personalities truly reflect and in that moment they truly shine a beautiful moment. I like people who let lose from time to time. Who ooooh and ahhh at the latest gizmos and gadgets. Who make the occasional animal face. Who cheer on Chris Hansen and laughs as he catches a predator, but boos at the cast of the Jersey Shore. Who giggle. Who's smile is infectious. Who still spot shapes/items in the clouds. Who still dream. Who doodles on notepads. Who sits at home and listens to music for hours on end. Who believe in Captain Planet, Billy Nye the Science Guy, and the Reading Rainbow. Who can listen to music for hours on end. Who get excited at board games. Who hug fur babies...or better yet, someone who knows what fur babies are. Someone who has depth and warmth. Someone who doesn't judge a book by it's cover. Who owns something quirky. Who sing in their car. Who dance like nobody's watching. Who supports Whitney Houston's theory that crack is indeed whack. Who rattles off random facts and jokes. Who would help old ladies and raccoons cross the road. Who are game to go to last minute concerts and on road trips. Who loves Conan O'Brien and puppies dressed as cats. Who can talk about anything from Qua

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